Welcome to Tai Chi Ireland

We are back teaching in person after 24 months!

My Studio was destroyed by a flood and Covid shut me down totally,  but we are back in Rathmines twice a month for new classes!


February 26 @ 11pm.  SEE THE LINK BELOW.

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A Word from our Students

Dominique Beyens

“Once you’re over the hill you pick up speed.
Jan guides you to reverse your bad postures you kept over time with great knowledge and humour. I can recommend his classes.”… Read More »

Gosia Kudyba

“I was looking for some kind of practice which would join the physical and mental aspects of wellbeing and I’ve found it in Tai Chi.  If you think that it is an easy, ‘flopping arms’ movement for old people you … Read More »

Davida Bradshaw

What a fantastic opportunity this course was, and a very life-changing experience for me in a physical sense. After 6 months of neck pain and uncomfortable arm numbness at night, my problem was nearly (90%) fixed after the FIRST class! … Read More »