Alex Delogu

Alex has been training for seven years under the instruction of Jan Golden at Tai Chi Ireland.

He attained his Masters in Philosophy in 2012 at UCD. During these studies he began practising Kung Fu and Qi Gong and was intuitively drawn to the more internal arts of Qi¬†Gong. In 2012 he found Tai Chi Ireland and knew it was precisely what he had been looking for: a challenging practice for movement, awareness, and relaxation development. After two years training he took up an apprenticeship with Jan and has been developing his skills ever since. Jan’s approach is highly practical and this is a virtue Alex tries to emulate in his own style. He has been teaching for over five years, doing classes and workshops across Dublin.

Alex is a qualified psychotherapist and in his spare time plays jazz and improvised music semi-professionally.

Alex can be reached at and/or +353 85 149 6059