Siobhan Collins


About 3 years ago I started weekly Tai ­Chi classes and now we are doing Qi Gong. The hour of class seems to create energy. At first I used always have legs of jelly by the end of it, but gradually I am gaining strength. By following Jan’s teaching and ignoring his bad jokes, my posture and breathing have improved so much; no pain from hunching over a screen; I sleep better and when I can’t sleep I know now how to relax, meditate a little and rest.
More importantly for me, there is a gradual improvement to my muscles and joints. I used to worry that I was getting more unfit, tired and achy as I was getting older, but not now. Now I have a bit of a routine, a weekly class and a bit of practice at home. The increase to my stamina and flexibility really surprises me sometimes.
Then this summer I went on Jan’s 5-day course in the wonderful Cliffs of Moher Retreat Centre and it was just great. It was relaxing, challenging and fun. Everybody learnt a lot!