Sharon Murphy

I regularly went to Qi Gong classes when I lived in Dublin and loved
them. Jan’s classes were a lovely way for me to slow down and ground
myself. I found quickly that his classes offer not just learning, but (just
as importantly) a sense of community and I can see why he has so many
long-term and returning students!

One of the most natural teachers of their arts I ever have met, his
approach to learning and the group dynamic is so unique and different to
others, as he distills learning into digestible steps that make it
enjoyable, fun and approachable for each person there. Always explaining
the whys and context of Qi Gong movements as we learnt, I found he helped
pass on the passion and motivation for building a more mindful approach to
the physical body and our personal energies (which too often we take for

As an energy practitioner I found it an amazing support for helping me
work with my own energy and become more mindful in general.