Sabin Chivescu

After several years working in an office based environment and basically sitting in front of a computer more than 10 hours a day, I decided to do something for my health. I was fortunate enough to find Jan and Tai Chi Ireland.
Jan is a terrific teacher, explaining every movement and position of the body in great detail, with both accurate scientific facts as well as light-hearted humour and funny anecdotes, making the sequence memorisation that much easier and the class that more enjoyable. Bio-mechanics, breathing, standing, the Form, martial applications, body awareness, all these and more are part of a Tai Chi class with Jan.
Ever since I started training, I’m becoming increasingly aware of my posture and working to¬† correct my shoulder slouch, I’m “discovering” muscles I did not know I could move / feel, I am more fit and daresay more confident. All in all, Tai Chi has exceeded my expectations and I can definitely say that it has improved my health and well-being.
I’ve come to realize Tai Chi is not just another martial art, it is quite literally an “art”, the art of understanding yourself, your body and spirit, and of becoming and being aware and mindful.