Marjana B

When one grows up, one tends to reach that point in life when there’s just not that much to discover anymore. Perhaps some new landscape in a faraway country that you haven’t visited yet. But when one is as reluctant of a tourist as I am, it is a great surprise to find something very different to the repetitiveness of the Everyday and to find it so close, in a studio tucked away just off Camden Street.

A Tai Chi studio where you can enter into the silent world, meet some trees and rest your eyes on the items of beauty. And in the silence, you can start meeting yourself again. Make fresh acquaintance with your breathing. Uncover new ways of flowing.

Jan imparts the secrets of the old movement art with the nobleness of a great teacher. Switching between the remarkable precision of a scientist when explaining the mechanics of the move and some readily available humour of an actor to help you memorise the sequence. And all the while you think you are merely improving your posture, you just may be improving your life.

Whatever emphasis you wish to bring forth in your experience, Jan will do his best to show you the possibilities, allowing you to embrace the one that works best for you. For the individuals that we are.

Even if you come with no evident health issue in the form of back pain or stiff joints (which tai chi can help significantly) you can discover that it can unblock whatever needs unblocking once you open that door,  The body know what to do if you let it, whether through the soft but powerful moves or the standing practice.  In my case, tai chi and its other half qi gong (“energy work”) played a major part in helping my period pains disappear. So much so that there has been no need for painkillers since. It’s great achievement, if I ever experienced one.  Thank you, Jan