Kate Waterhouse

“I started tai chi with Jan a number of months ago and have found it to make a huge difference in my life. The weeks that I don’t practise, I just don’t feel as good. It is very noticeable! Since I started, I find myself more relaxed and physically stronger, my posture is improving and the more I practise, the better my back feels and the less it hurts (I tend to suffer from back discomfort, probably largely as a result of poor posture/a desk job).
As an example of a concrete difference tai chi has made in my life, a couple of weeks ago I was walking along in a pair of shoes with small heels. I missed my footing and my ankle twisted; I didn’t fall, but my full weight went onto my ankle, which was completely bent over. I thought: “this is really going to hurt!” What actually happened is that my ankle sprang back into position as if nothing had happened and I haven’t felt as much as a twinge in it since then. I am sure that this is thanks to my tai chi-added strength.
Jan is a fantastic teacher, who takes the time to make sure you understand the moves, what parts of your body you are moving and why. He is really knowledgeable, and it is lovely to be learning and practising an art with someone who knows what they are doing and who makes it interesting and fun.”