Gavin Paisley

I signed up to Jan’s Qi Gong Standing Class in November 2020 after a year of neck, shoulder and upper back trouble, for which I’m receiving physiotherapy in a hospital setting and following a programme of prescribed exercises. I was seeing some progress with the Physio but by then all of my neck muscles had gone into a spasm that included shoulder and back muscles, causing the whole lot to just seize up, reducing my range of motion and visibility, causing permanent sore stiffness, constant headaches (diagnosed by my GP as directly related to my neck), sleep problems, muscle weakness and generally making life difficult for me. Within two weeks of starting Jan’s class all these symptoms almost disappeared. At my next physio appointment, she reported a significant improvement in all areas and was delighted with my progress, and fully approved of me continuing with the classes, she could see the benefit I was getting from them. Jan’s a great teacher with an exceptional knowledge and understanding of the body, and a terrific ability to explain it as we go. His standing posture positions are understated and easy to learn and can be done anywhere, quietly but they’re incredibly effective and you feel the benefit very quickly. After such improvements in two weeks I’ll be continuing with Jan’s classes as part of my ongoing physiotherapy and I’d recommend them highly to anyone, especially if you’re experiencing that relentless ’seized up’ feeling from muscle spasm.