Estelle Feldman

I wasn’t aware that Jan gave private sessions until the evening I arrived in class with a frozen shoulder.  My form isn’t great at the best of times, but one-armed!  That evening as Jan administered a first aid massage I discovered that he’s not just a Tai Chi guru (sorry for mixing my Asian/Indian cultural titles), he’s also trained in various Chinese healing arts.  Ever since I have been availing of Jan’s private sessions, at first for shoulder treatment in combination with strenuous traditional physiotherapy, and more recently for intense tuition to strengthen legs, improve posture and balance and breathing techniques.  When I began Tai Chi classes I was on heavy doses of medication for chronic pain and suffered regularly from back pain, turned ankles and all those unnecessary conditions that make Jan cringe.  Thanks to the 1-to-1 private sessions, I beat the frozen shoulder without having any medical interventions, the usual being a steroid injection, the chronic pain is now managed on minimal medication, and I’m no longer worried by sprains, strains and shortness of breath, I’ve engaged in strenuous pursuits that I’ve never before tried such as open sea kayaking and horse riding.  I’ve even helped row a canoe in the Peruvian rainforest!  I recommend to everyone I know with any physical or stress-related problems to book Jan for a session. The hour is hard work but hey, it’s Jan, it’s great fun too.