Emily Hosford

I was initially interested in Tai Chi after seeing a woman and her grandson doing Tai Chi movements. They both looked so strong and graceful in their movement. This elegant Tai Chi granny went on to say that before she started Tai Chi she had been crippled with arthritis!! I was genuinely astonished! I have a condition myself which has caused general weakness on the right side of my body and I was attracted to Tai Chi because I wanted to preserve what strength I had. I started Tai Chi with Jan about 5 years ago and it’s been an interesting journey. I switched to Qi Gong a few years back as it’s more focused on the fundamentals and I find it more useful. Over that time I’ve gained much more understanding of my body. After class I find I have more energy and I feel stronger, more alert and relaxed. It’s also helped me build more strength on my weak side, which helps with my balance. One of the greatest benefits I’ve found has been in pain relief. From time to time I get fairly intense pain because of my condition, which can travel anywhere from my neck, lower back to my leg. I’ve found that even with basic Tai Chi warm up exercises the pain disappears! Jan is an excellent teacher and to top it off his classes are good craic as well.