Deborah di Salvo

12 years ago I had the pleasure to live in Dublin for more than three years, an during this time I attended Jan’s Tai Chi classes. It opened me to a true new world related to the wonderful internal martial arts, during which I learnt techniques which have helped me since then in many aspects of my life. From Jan you can learn not only the principle of Qi Gong and Tai Chi, but also meditation and breathing techniques.

For professional reasons, in the past ten years I have lived in different countries and despite my regular attempts to find suitable Tai Chi classes there, I have been constantly disappointed by the lack of professionalism and competence of the teachers I met. As Jan says, if tai chi does not rely on the right posture and the precise attention on how we bend and turn our bones and muscles, Tai Chi is reduced to a dance, or a choreography, failing its aim. Coming out of Jan’s class you feel your muscles have worked, you have pain (good pain!) and you feel satisfied to have worked really hard, bringing mind and body together.

I have been living in Munich in the past two years, and during the COVID lockdown, with all the world going digital, I realised that Jan had also started online classes. What a great thing to reconnect with Jan after more than 12 years and be able to join his classes again! We started with one-to-one classes that helped me to find again the right posture and increase again awareness of my own body, doing greater justice to my back, shoulders and legs; so already after few sessions I felt immediate benefit, my muscles felt strengthened; walking or jogging became a greater pleasure.

Jan is a superb teacher (a real teacher) who is able also online to transmit his profound knowledge of internal martial arts and he does it in what I would say “almost a scientific way”, helping to recognise a good posture from a wrong one. I attend now every day at 7.30am (CET) his online standing class in a pleasant circle of people. This helps me to remain focused and energised the whole day despite a very demanding working schedule. I simply feel fit from head to feet. Jan is also a tough teacher and he makes us work very hard and entertains with his clever jokes, great fun! I can only recommend Jan’s class and I can say it is much better to attend Jan’s classes online than bad in person classes!