Darragh Byrne

I have been training with Jan for a couple of months now and already I have seen huge improvements in my ability to move. As well as being a fascinating, relaxing and mindful practice in itself, the Tai Chi that I have included in my daily life has greatly benefited all of my other practices from gymnastics and contemporary dance to performances on stage and on screen. Increased joint stability, reduced rates of injury, greater proprioception, and enhanced strength and mobility are just some of the benefits I have enjoyed thanks to the classes I have taken at Tai Chi Ireland. This I credit to Jan’s coaching style, which ditches the mysticism and abstract terminology used in most martial art classes today in favour of a much more pragmatic, well-informed and ultimately effective approach. Jan focuses on building a strong foundation through posture and joint integrity before even beginning to teach students any traditional Tai Chi forms, and even when progressing onto the forms, every movement is carefully considered, explained and revisited each week to ensure maximum efficiency and to reinforce the stability, posture and awareness that are prioritised in his classes from the very beginning. I would highly recommend Tai Chi Ireland to anyone who is seeking to improve their physical and mental well-being, regardless of age, fitness level or lifestyle.

Darragh Byrne – Actor