Cian O’Reilly

“About three years ago, I had tremendous back problems.  I lost hours of sleep during many nights from the pain around my upper back, neck and shoulders.  I went to see some physiotherapists.  After this, I was able to lie awake at night knowing the names of the muscles that felt like steel barbed wires inside me.  I felt very enlightened by this, but still felt some other help was in order.  I asked around everywhere I could.  It turned out that I was far from alone, as the vast majority of people I spoke to complained of varying degrees of similar torture from their bodies. Only three of the people I spoke to (a friend from work, a family member and a guy from a meditation group) referred to their physical ailments in the past tense.  These same three people also cited the name Jan Golden and Tai Chi Ireland to me.  It seemed way too big a coincidence to pass up on that three different people from three completely different avenues of my life all sent me in the one direction.  And so, I still remember the very peculiar feeling a couple of weeks later of walking home from my very first tai chi class feeling thoroughly melted and pain-free for the first time in years.  I also remember the even more peculiar feeling of melting into my bed soon after and sleeping better than I had since the last time I needed massive doses of painkillers to achieve the same effect.  And all we did in the class was learn a funny way of standing! Soon afterwards again I had mostly forgotten about all those back problems I used to have and was getting quite into the tai chi for all of the other great stuff it has to offer – which if you haven’t figured out by now you should go along and find out yourself what those things are for you. Sadly I can’t go to Jan’s classes anymore because I no longer live in Dublin, but (also sadly) his newsletters which I never unsubscribed to are possibly the most hilariously entertaining correspondence I get.  Since I often get jealous at all the cool tai chi stuff that I don’t get to do, Jan’s suggestion in the last newsletter to make a testimonial sounded like a good way to at least encourage other people to do it, or at least say thanks.  Thanks Jan.  My story above is completely true.  My back pain did still come and go and it remains a constant good effort to keep my body healthy and pain free (I think it’s called being alive), but I think your body really knows (and lets you know about it) when it comes across a good thing…and Tai Chi Ireland is the real deal”