Jan Golden

Jan Golden, chief instructor of Tai Chi Ireland, has been training in tai chi and chi gung for nearly twenty years. A graduate of UCD in English and a trained acupuncturist, since 1992 he has worked with many masters, some famous, some not.

He has learned weapons from Dan Docherty, a Wu tai chi form, ba gua and chi gung from Master BK Frantzis, Zhang Zhuang (standing practice) from Master John Ding, The Old Yang Middle Frame Form from Master Tian Yin Jia (fourth generation master, son of Tian Zhao Lin who grew up as a foster brother to Yang Cheng Fu) and is currently an indoor student of Master Ma Ba Guo, a Chen and Xing Yi master from Zhengzhou in Henan province, disciple of Wang Chang Hai, who was senior disciple of Feng Zhi Qiang and class mate of Chen Xiao Wang. Master Ma’s modified Chen Form is a combat masterpiece, and his chi gung is the best Jan has ever seen as a preparation for tai chi and as a health practice in its own right. Master Ma still learns xing yi from his 87 year old master Shang Ji, one of the most famous teachers in China.

Jan is a full-time tai chi and chi gung professional, and only teaches what he knows and understands. He is heavily indebted to his mentor and elder tai chi brother Chris Chappell of Real Taoism for helping him understand just how tense and tight he really was and for showing him the essence of tai chi.  Jan is also a student of Namkhai Norbu, a Tibetan Master, from whom he is learning Dzogchen meditative practices.

Jan can be contacted at moc.d1505924224naler1505924224i-ihc1505924224iat@n1505924224aj1505924224 or +353 87 9795042