Online Breathing Course with Alex

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Starts Tuesday, 3 Nov, 2020 at 19:30


Teacher: Alex Delogu
Phone: 0851496059
Price: €20
Course Category: Class, Qi Gong


This 4-week course will explore the basics of breathing. Often our breathing patterns are unconscious and with sufficient life-stress these patterns can retain a lot of tension. This is especially relevant now during the pandemic where even knowing that there is a respiratory threat can cause restrictions in breathing. The aim is to tune into these patterns and allow for a deeper more satisfactory breath. This can be achieved with simple exercises to open up the muscles around the belly, ribs, and back to allow more space for the breath to flow into. Simple breathing patterns will also be explored to make both inhaling and exhaling more fluid.

Alex has been learning from Jan Golden for 8 years and brings a wealth of experience from psychotherapy and philosophy to his teaching style.



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