Online Daily Standing Qi Gong Class

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Starts Monday, 24 Aug, 2020 at 08:00


Teacher: Jan Golden
Phone: 087 9795042
Price: €80
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Standing Qi Gong, or Zhang Zhuang, is the basis for all the movement arts of Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and even Ba Gua, whose circle walking is a kind of moving standing. This daily class teaches double and single leg practices that can powerfully strengthen your body and work on calming your mind. It is challenging and not that easy. We have a Summer deal on now!  €80 for 20 classes. Try one out free today.

“You don’t need a gym. You don’t need fancy equipment (beyond an internet connection). You don’t need to leave the house. You hardly even need to move. But Jan’s 30 minute morning standing classes will have you sweating, shaking and understanding the power of posture”

Ronnie Trouton

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