Relaxed Awareness Workshop with Alex

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Starts Sunday, 22 Sep, 2019 at 12:00


Teacher: Alex Delogu
Phone: 0851496059
Price: €30
Course Category: Workshop, Qi Gong


This workshop will be an exploration of relaxed posture in three important positions: lying down, sitting, and standing. The focus on the workshop will be on how to relax into these three postures, allowing the ground to support our weight and eliminating any excessive holding tension in the body that might lead to stress in the form of injury or a busy mind. Lying down is the easiest of the three but it is surprising how much tension can still be held in this position. We will do basic scanning practices and movements to release any tension in the body. Sitting is next, with a focus on relaxing the hips and having an upright sitting posture, with exercises to open awareness into how we sit. Finally, the standing practice, the most challenging of them all aims at stacking the body in such a way that it is structurally supported but also relaxed. Small imbalances have larger effects for the standing posture, perhaps making it the most important of the three. The goal is to have a relaxed, balanced, and grounded standing posture.

These principles can function as the basis for any meditation work or any other physical activity where staying relaxed prevents the body from spiraling into excessive stress. If you have had trouble meditating this workshop will be very useful in minimising distractions in the body. Maintaining a relaxed body is a very useful practice for life.

Alex has been learning from Jan Golden for 7 years and brings a wealth of experience from psychotherapy and philosophy to his teaching style.



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