Undoing Forearm Strain with Alex

Gandharva Loka: 62 South Great George's Street, Dublin

Starts Saturday, 4 May, 2019 at 12:00


Teacher: Alex Delogu
Phone: 0851496059
Price: €20
Course Category: Workshop, Qi Gong


Part 1: Forearms and Hands

Playing music can place heavy demands on the body. Without care and attention this can develop into strain and stress. Having the joy of playing impeded by physical aches can be a very frustrating experience. This workshop will focus on alleviating strain in the forearms using various techniques for melting blockages that prevent free movement in the arms and fingers. This will include simple but challenging exercises like stretching, static holding, and shaking. The aim will be to restore freedom to the arms to allow for uninhibited expression through music.

Alex has been playing music for over a decade. He has been learning tai chi from Jan Golden for over 6 years and brings a wealth of experience from psychotherapy and philosophy to his teaching style.



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