Tai Chi and Qi Gong Introductory Workshop

Tai Chi Ireland Studio: Unit 2, Newmarket Court, St.Luke's Avenue,Dublin 8, Dublin

Starts Saturday, 3 Mar, 2018 at 13:00


Teacher: Jan Golden
Phone: 087 9795042
Price: €80
Course Category: Workshop

There is a lot of confusion these days about what Tai Chi or Qi Gong are. I have only my experience to speak from, and I like my information to come from masters who have trained for a long time with masters who themselves trained for a long time. Often, in the West these days, bravado and hype are accepted uncritically.

This short workshop will give you iron principles of movement and breathing to enable you to further your interest in whatever Tai Chi or Qi Gong you wish to do. Many of the exercises are good enough to be practiced on their own for months or even years with visible benefits within days.

Tai Chi is not magic. Qi Gong neither. We all have a body, and you can either use it efficiently to its optimum power or it will wither and atrophy. We are not searching for or growing food all day like we used to, and our immobility has a price in smaller cycles of movement as we age.

This workshop will help you start to understand the body so that it can be utilised every day for maximum power in every movement, and given tools to prevent you from falling back into debilitating habits.

People are only dimly aware of their bodies until it begins to break down or hurt from long-term damage. We will try to make you feel and recognise the Zero Point; the position where you are balanced in all planes. It can be tested. From this position you begin to learn movements, via the Movement Principles, like “How To Move Your Arms From Your Body” and “Learning To Step Correctly” and so on, building up a repertoire of motion.

In order to learn these effectively and correct yourself from “falling into dysfunction”, you will learn how to feel your body and recognise when you are starting to clench and contract your body unnecessarily; clenching tension can lead to hard fascial tension, which is what distorts bodies into pathological postures.

This is taught slowly, allowing you time to absorb the new way of moving. This can then be put into practice into your daily routine. Students who do this make rapid progress and report great benefit.

It sounds like a lot, and it is, but it’s very doable. The actual amount of tai chi that will be learned will not be as much as you think, because even performing apparently simple moves with a different awareness may surprise you.

Clarity, honesty and solid testing of structures are the best way I know of dispelling a lot of the vapour around these arts.

I hope you can join me





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