Tai Chi Ireland Classes

New In-Person Beginner Tai Chi Class with Master Jan

Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society D06K763, 67-69 Upr Rathmines Road, Dublin 6.

8 Weeks bi-monthly from February 26 @ 12pm


Jan Golden

Course Description

This course is for Beginners or those with some light experience. I go through the Form slowly, explaining in great clarity the reasoning behind the moves in tai chi, starting with the assumption that most people are only dimly aware of their bodies until it begins to break down or hurt from long-term damage. I outline what I call Movement Principles, the archetypal moves that you need to move your body efficiently. Tai chi is not just for recreation; like all so-called play, it has a deadly serious function-to rewire your nervous system so that future moves are not putting strain through the system. We will try to make you feel and recognise the Zero Point; the position where you are balanced in all planes. From this position you begin to learn movements, via the Movement Principles, like “How To Move Your Arms From Your Body” and “Learning To Step Correctly” and so on, building up a repertoire of motion.

In order to learn these effectively and correct yourself from “falling into dysfunction”, you will learn how to feel your body and recognise when you are starting to clench and contract your body unnecessarily; clenching tension can lead to hard fascial tension, which is what distorts bodies into pathological postures.

In addition, you become aware of the endless distraction in your head, as well as your nervous system; the chattering monologue which can lead to mentally absent scenarios of worry and anxiety that can shorten your life through stress. Mindfulness is an over-used word these days. Too often, mind practices are undertaken with little understanding that a relaxed mind must be housed in a relaxed body, but real physical relaxation is something that many people in our modern world have little conception of. Jan will explain how this can be achieved with some body/mind scanning practices.

From the poised, balanced body which is explained in the first class and constantly revised, we start learning how to move efficiently. This involves some gentle testing techniques that are surprising, astonishingly effective and fun. But the testing serves to illuminate internal pathways of force and motion. It is indispensable to understanding what you are doing. So the tai chi Form is taught slowly, allowing you time to absorb the new way of moving. Perhaps most importantly, this can then be put into practice into your daily routine. Students who do this make rapid progress and report great benefit. When the principles are hard-wired in, and the Form is learnt, we then move to detailed correction, and different ways to hold the weight and the body angles.

You then export this function to your habitual postures in daily life, preventing the relentless pull of gravity upon your spine, and working with it, to balance both sides of your body in a poised, balanced totality of easeful motion.

Take a first step to integrating your body and mind. Get connected to yourself.

Jan Golden

Master Instructor

5th Generation Tian Family Tai Chi