Classes & Workshops

Jan’s Beginner classes are very popular. He goes through the Form slowly, explaining in great clarity the reasoning behind the moves in tai chi, starting with the assumption that most people are only dimly aware of their bodies until it begins to break down or hurt from long-term damage. He outlines what he calls Movement Principles, the archetypal moves that you need to move your body efficiently. Tai chi is not just for recreation, like all so-called play, it has a deadly serious function-to rewire your nervous system so that future moves are not putting strain through the system. You then export this function to your habitual postures in daily life, preventing the relentless pull of gravity upon your spine, and working with it, to balance both sides of your body in a poised, balanced totality of  easeful motion.  But that is only the beginning. Tai Chi can be a way of life, everything can become Tai Chi, infused with grace, awareness and mindful attention. Life becomes easier the more you apply this awareness to everything. Try it out today.

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