About Tai Chi Ireland

Jan Golden

Tai Chi Ireland was set up in 1998 by Jan Golden. An acupuncturist at the time, he was convinced that people could improve their health more if they did Qi Gong or Tai Chi, which are forms of auto-acupuncture. He found patients quite passive, and unwilling to change the fundamental things that were making them ill, so he quit his clinic to teach internal arts full-time, because at least if patients showed up to class, it meant that they had to move for an hour, being active and not a passive recipient of someone else’s energy. Combined with correct food intake-critical for those serious about deep health-the internal arts can make the body immensely strong and powerful, free from disease, and energetic to a degree that the dull morning coffee-slurpers who throng the sad streets would scarcely believe.

Jan has been to China and back many times, the last time in 2015. He has a teacher in Shanghai, Master Ma Bao Guo, who combines the very best of the Daoist and Confucian worlds and with whom Jan is a “Disciple”, or “Tudi”.

Jan has trained ( to various levels) with BK Frantzis, Bob Boyd, Frank Allen, Dan Docherty, John Ding, Tian Yin Jia ( from whom he was also honoured with ” Indoor Student” status), Eddie Wu, Li Bing Ci, and his mentor Chris Chappell in London, who is a bit of a genius.

Tai Chi Ireland has a lovely small studio in Dublin 8.

Jan Golden is dedicated to teaching openly the long-held secrets of Tai Chi which for many years was passed down only through the family of the Yangs. With his mentor Chris, they reckon they have cracked some of the fundamental structural puzzles that have dogged them for years. Tai Chi is a martial art, but, while we teach Push Hands and do applications, we are not interested in violence per se. We are interested in defending ourselves, yes, but personally I am more interested in the ability to manifest power in the body. When you can do that, you know you are working the body as a harmonious whole with all the immense correlative benefits accruing therefrom. As a practice to accompany any other physical practice or sport, it can-and is-assisting professional sportspeople who are benefiting from Jan’s tuition. In addition, Tai Chi or Qi Gong can be done as a meditation, and can make the body strong enough to be able to sit for longer in meditative practice. But ultimately, any everyday movement can be Tai Chi, from waiting for the bus to hoovering. All of our Being emerges from a body that has to move, and not become sedimented through the rusty seats of the office or the soft sofa. Move it or Lose it!

I hope you enjoy perusing the site.

Xie xie!