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Single Whip at Yangshuo, Guangxi Province

In these days of ecological degradation and material excess, we humans suffer from chronic illness, fatigue and stress as well as unprecedented depressions, addictions and suicides. Any key to getting better is to start first on your body’s fundamentals- posture, breathing, awareness, then powerful whole-body movement that can be tested and refined through practice. Tai Chi Ireland offers detailed, serious and comprehensive tuition in the powerful, life-changing movement and mind arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. With 24 years experience working with some leading masters in their respective fields, Jan Golden and his instructors can offer you a body and mind-opening education in the potential of your body for relaxed power and strength, body awareness, balanced, smooth and co-ordinated movement plus a very subtle and fine method of mindfulness. Suitable for anyone of any age, it can enhance any professional sport and repair many long-term postural problems, as well as providing a wealth of other benefits. Try out a class today!


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A Word from our Students

Helen McMann

“After suffering from anxiety and panic attacks I found Tai Chi and Chi Gung the perfect antidote to the stressful, hectic life in which we live. Jan’s in-depth teaching and general insight to a more relaxed existence has been invaluable.”… Read More »

Cian O’Reilly

“About three years ago, I had tremendous back problems.  I lost hours of sleep during many nights from the pain around my upper back, neck and shoulders.  I went to see some physiotherapists.  After this, I was able to lie … Read More »

Karl O’Hanlon

Karl O’Hanlon

“After suffering from a trapped nerve in my leg for many weeks and multiple visits to a physio I started one-to-one Tai Chi sessions with Jan Golden, and within a few sessions and home practice I was pain free and … Read More »