Welcome to Tai Chi Ireland

We are back teaching in person after 24 months!

My Studio was destroyed by a flood and Covid shut me down totally,  but we are back in Rathmines twice a month for new classes!


February 26 @ 11pm.  SEE THE LINK BELOW.

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A Word from our Students

Emily Hosford

I was initially interested in Tai Chi after seeing a woman and her grandson doing Tai Chi movements. They both looked so strong and graceful in their movement. This elegant Tai Chi granny went on to say that before she … Read More »

Dave Murphy

“Starting to learn Tai Chi (with Taichi Ireland) has proved to be a wise decision. I started to feel the benefits after only a few classes. I’ve become more relaxed and have more energy and a greater sense of well-being. … Read More »

Dominique Beyens

“Once you’re over the hill you pick up speed.
Jan guides you to reverse your bad postures you kept over time with great knowledge and humour. I can recommend his classes.”… Read More »