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 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, there are no in-person classes for the foreseeable future. However, there are online classes that you can avail of.

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“Our deep history was spent, at different times, in ancient oceans, small streams and savannahs, not office buildings, ski slopes and tennis courts. We were not designed to live past the age of eighty, sit on our kleisters for Read More »



My colonizer tongue speaks for me now. The emeritus beauty of Old Irish is now retired to texts and those faded few who can speak it still. Modern Irish has suffered a butchering from the grimly shrill goons in … Read More »


“We see, at least consciously, only what we are attending to in a focused way ( with the conscious left hemisphere). Since what we select to attend to is guided by our expectations of what it is we are going Read More »

A Word from our Students

Marcella Cussen

After an invariably tough day at work, I always feel wonderfully relaxed
after one of Jan’s body scanning classes. After a few classes, I started
being able to  feel where tension had built up and was able to start
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Gosia Kudyba

“I was looking for some kind of practice which would join the physical and mental aspects of wellbeing and I’ve found it in Tai Chi.  If you think that it is an easy, ‘flopping arms’ movement for old people you … Read More »

Fiona Byrne

“I have come to define my weekly Chi Gung class as my Serenity Hour. Simply because I emerge a calmer me. Restored.
Jan¹s classes are informative and educative all the while delivered with personality, integrity and speckles of his innate … Read More »