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  Modern life is one of relentless hyperactivity, stress, exhaustion, disconnection from Nature allied to poor diet, no exercise and social isolation or poor communication.

Can Tai Chi help?

Any path to recreating wellness in the stressed body has to start with calming the nervous system down. But before even that can happen, you have to be able to recognise and become aware of your body. That may sound obvious, but few people are aware of their bodies unless they are in pain or experiencing sensual pleasure.

Recognising your body via sensing and tuning in to the held tension is the path to letting go, what the Tibetans describe as chod, when bound sticks fall apart after a rope is cut.

In our classes your body is placed in certain postures that are very strong and aligned, and which can be easily tested for structural validity. Starting with a very strong Standing Posture, the Moving Postures of Tai Chi are then explained and demonstrated and tested.  A “Form”, which is the collected postures of Tai Chi, is a set of repeated motions that often have recurring physical motifs. It is the essential Motifs of Movement that Jan tries to impart; to deconstruct what is otherwise a bewildering routine of ritualised motion.

 These fundamentals- posture, breathing, awareness, can be tested and refined through practice. Tai Chi Ireland offers detailed, serious and comprehensive tuition in the powerful, life-changing movement and mind arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. With 28 years experience working with some leading masters in their respective fields,  Shifu Jan Golden and his instructors can offer you a body and mind-opening education in the potential of your body for relaxed power and strength, body awareness, balanced, smooth and co-ordinated movement plus a very subtle and fine method of mindfulness. Suitable for anyone of any age, it can enhance any professional sport and repair many long-term postural problems, as well as providing a wealth of other benefits. Try out a class today.

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A Word from our Students

Conor Byrne

I’ve been attending Jan’s classes in Tai Chi and Qi Gong for 13 years now.

In that time I’ve learned how to stand (on one legs as well as two!), breathe, squat, bend, lift my arms, turn, push and pull. Read More »

Martin Kelly

“Tai chi is a way of stepping back from the hassles of the day and removing myself to an area of inner peace. It’s seriously beneficial for stress relief and also for relieving back pain which I used to suffer … Read More »

Darragh Byrne

I have been training with Jan for a couple of months now and already I have seen huge improvements in my ability to move. As well as being a fascinating, relaxing and mindful practice in itself, the Tai Chi that … Read More »