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 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, there are only online classes that you can avail of.


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A Word from our Students

Gosia Kudyba

“I was looking for some kind of practice which would join the physical and mental aspects of wellbeing and I’ve found it in Tai Chi.  If you think that it is an easy, ‘flopping arms’ movement for old people you … Read More »

Martin Kelly

“Tai chi is a way of stepping back from the hassles of the day and removing myself to an area of inner peace. It’s seriously beneficial for stress relief and also for relieving back pain which I used to suffer … Read More »

Karl O’Hanlon

“After suffering from a trapped nerve in my leg for many weeks and multiple visits to a physio I started one-to-one Tai Chi sessions with Jan Golden, and within a few sessions and home practice I was pain free and … Read More »